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Adventist Legacy Series

Over the years we have received requests for particular historical titles of Adventist interest that are no longer in print. We are reprinting and formatting into eBooks (Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iPad, ePub, etc.) as many titles as quickly as we can. This cost we are bearing through donations and sales of finished titles. Many are interested in knowing when we will be getting to their favorite, or if we could push a title to the top of the list.

In an effort to be more efficient we have started a new program called the "Adventist Legacy Series." Now you can help us with this project by selecting any qualified title, and with a small donation of $699, we will move that title to the top of the list. As the sponsor for this title, if desired, we will include our thanks for your help by inserting a publisher's comment with your name, like the example below:

It is with special thanks to

Ellen and James White

for making this title available again

Please contact us at (800) 367-1844 x106 or (706) 504-9187 if you have any further questions or titles you wish to sponsor.