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Alone for Christ / Achim, Marinela

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A young girl dreams at the seaside in communist Romania and slowly discovers that, like the sand, sun, and sea, life is complex and paradoxical—it is both ugly and beautiful, harsh and merciful, absurd and meaningful, ominous and promising. Though surrounded by a hardworking family in the countrysideand fellow friends and students at school, Marinela ploughs through life in many ways alone.

Even as a child, she refuses to harness approval, applause, and success at the expense of personality, dignity, and faith. She is a beautiful flower—gentle yet strong—growing in conditions and circumstances that seem to be working against her. But the faithful divine hand provides her with just enough glimmers of hope to help her along in her journey. Her life story is one of discovering the unfailing love and benevolent character of God and learning how to walk through life hand in hand with Him.

Marinela experiences the joys and triumphs that come with a powerful new found faith. She undergoes all kinds of trials, ones that will have you praying, arguing, and even running for your life along with her as you read. Many times Marinela truly appears to be alone in the midst of undue and unjust opposition, and ironically, it is at those times that you will see that she is indeed being carried by God and His mighty army. You will see her faith grow from infancy to maturity, and no matter where you are in your journey with God, you will find yourself somewhere in the pages of this book.

About the Author

Marinela Achim wrote her life story in hopes of encouraging others who take a stand for Christ and are persecuted for their faith to hold fast and continue walking along the narrow way.

Her story is intended to motivate readers to never give up and to daily surrender fully to God.


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  1. Marinela's powerful love for God

    Posted by Emese on 15th Mar 2013

    This book is an inspirational book for me! I was impressed how, a young lady, during the Communist time, found Her Savior, and the truth, and she was "fighting " with her family, and especially the loved ones. This young lady loved God more than everything, more then her carrier, more than her family. That's way she decided to put all her trust in Gods' hands, and to endure persecution, which was a tough one.
    Her experience made me to think more about my love for God, and if I'm truly ready to confront any persecution for Him.
    What I can say, it's that I really appreciate her character, her desire to know God and the truth, knowing that she will lose many things what she loves! Even though, it was a hard time for her, she never gave up.
    Marinela, your faith and love for God is more then an example for me.
    What impressed me more in this story, was that moment when you, having a baby, were ready to confront everything against her. For me this was the most impressed thing because in Communist time it was very hard to be a Christian, to find a job, and even to survive. And this young lady, together with her little boy, stand up for Christ. At the end, God blessed her more then she ever imagined... God gave her a wonderful family and many experiences who strengthen her and others too!
    Marinela, may Lord bless you and what are you doing for others by this book! God always keeps His promises for those who seek Him.
    May every person who read Marinela's story, be revived and trust fully in God! And if you put first God, God will put you first in His plan.

  2. Great Inspiration

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Nov 2012

    It's a book that will open your heart, challenge your mind, and touch your soul as you follow the life of one young woman as she seeks to follow God despite her cruel circumstances. It is an inspiration of what God can do when you are ready to follow Him completely and without reserves.

    Once I started reading the book I had to continue all night until I finished it. Praise God for Marinela and her faith.

    Marinela, thank you for your courage to publish your life story.

  3. An amazing story of strength and perseverance

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Nov 2012

    A great message: ““God is able, just to carry you through, no matter what the world may do”

  4. A touching story

    Posted by Adriana & Magdiel on 17th Nov 2012

    Psalms 145......"Great is the Lord and highly to be praised...All men shall speak of the power of Thy awesome acts;.."
    Marinela's story is amazing. It is a living testimony that: ..."the Lord is near to all who call upon Him in truth;..."
    Read the book and your heart will be refreshed.

  5. An Amazing Story

    Posted by Cathy on 6th Nov 2012

    I wasn't able to put the book down until I was finished.I was totally blessed, and I received so much encouragement from reading Marinela's book. I was very much encouraged. This is a must read book.

  6. Praise the Lord!

    Posted by mimi on 31st Oct 2012

    true,wonderful story of a woman who received strength from God,day by day,to take a stand for Christ.

  7. Powerful testimony

    Posted by childofGod on 31st Oct 2012

    ONLY if you read the book you will be blessed....otherwise you will be missing many blessings and the chance to get to know in what wonderful and miraculous way God delivered the author.
    A MUST have and read.
    Praise God for this book.

  8. Great book!

    Posted by Maia on 31st Oct 2012

    I have read this wonderful book. It's a real lesson of life and faith, I thank God that made ​​Marinela write this book and that I had the privilege to read it.

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