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Azazel: The Deception is Over / Toney, Engleburg / Paperback

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Perfection! The very thought of it is anti-Christian and an impossibility, even in the born-again life. Is this what God had in mind when He sent Christ into the world to take away our sins? Must all believers live their lives in a cycle of failures with no victory? What does it mean to live the victorious life in Jesus Christ, to don His righteousness?

This study captures the complete work of salvation that Christ has provided, is providing, and will provide for all those who have faith and are lovers of truth. It exhibits His final ministry in the heavenly courts through an examination of the Day of Atonement; in particular what happens when His work of intercession is completed. Satan wants us to believe that it OK to sin a little bit and still be saved. Well, this study teaches us differently. Christ is not our scapegoat, but so many are using Him for one to continue in a life of sin. Paul admonishes, "Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?" God forbid!

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