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Babes and Cradles / Spalding, Maud Wolcott / (HC/1948-1948/B-/USED)

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Product Description

The things of nature are reminders of spiritual things which may be plainly seen when we learn how and where to look. (Romans 1:20.) God's first book should be the child's primer for his earliest years. Nature pictures furnish the simplest way of acquainting him with our heavenly Father. What child does not respond to pictures and stories? Just outside your door, and even inside the house, you may find babies and cradles and fathers and mothers living, growing, and adventuring. What child does not love a baby?

The object of this little book of pictures and verses is to catch the children's interest and start them on a trail of discovery in this wonderland of childhood where the really-truly fairies—the insects, with many other of nature's children—are adventuring. The spider in the corner is a wonderful creature, with looms and oil factories in that tiny body, and she is working to help us get rid of flies. The doodlebug in the sand has a marvelous trap. Can you find him?

Codes for Title and Author, Binding, Dates, and Grading:

  • Full Title and Author as it appears on the title page;
  • Binding (PB=Paperback, HC=Hard Cloth, HJ=Hard Jacketed, HL=Hard Laminate, LL=Loose Leaf, SS=Saddle/Side Stitched, MB=Mechanical Bound—wire or plastic);
  • Year of Copyright and Print dates;
  • Grading as follows:
New   This book is brand new. It has never been opened or read.
A+ This book is in the same condition as when it was new. There are no defects.
A Almost the condition of A+ but without being as crisp. May have some small signs of use.
A- In very good condition but has some signs of wear.
B+ Above average used book. May have lightly bumped corners, light rubbings, or other minor defects.
B This book shows average wear and maybe some small damage such as small tears in pages, rubbings, bumped corners, fading, light stains, etc. May have some marking.
B- In fair condition but is quite worn and may have some minor damage which may include tears, scuffs, scrapes, library stamps, fading, stains, etc. May have moderate marking.
C+ Pages complete, but binding, cover, and pages may be well worn and may show some damage.
C May be soiled or stained. May have loose joints, torn pages, missing maps or plates, or other defects.
C- May have missing pages, plates, maps, etc., may have torn or missing binding, may be stained, foxxed, and/or badly damaged.

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