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Daniel and Revelation Bound Together / Berry, Marian G / Spiral Plastic

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The timelines of the book of Daniel, extending to the very eve of the Second Coming of Jesus (we do not know the day and hour of His coming), throw a "flood of light" on events that have already happened and will transpire before the end of the world. Daniel gives the basic prophecy and Revelation gives a fuller explanation of that prophecy with added detail.

The authors intend is to help the reader understand this information topic by using illustrative pictures, maps, structure charts revealing alignment and continuity, Webster's Dictionary definitions of English words, and Strong's Analytical Concordance definitions of the original Hebrew. This method, making the Bible its own expositor, does not deny past applications but permits the emphasis to focus on current events and align with the last ten chapters of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan. The literary structure charts reveal the future sealing of the 144,000 and ending at the Second Coming of Jesus.

Laying aside the numerous speculative and conflicting commentaries, the authors desire to use only the inspired words of the prophets. The result is a beautiful, orderly picture of the past, present, and future events, so different from the conclusions of numerous theologians who declared the "Revelation is 'so fragmented a puzzle'" that no one could crack the code and therefore sealed up and to be left alone.

This book, Daniel and Revelation Bound Together, will make the study fresh and easy. Let this book bring hope and joy to your life and shine as a light to your path.

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