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E-book Conversion

The e-book market is growing at an astonishing rate. More and more individuals and publishers are supplementing their print books with e-books. TEACH Services has invested time and money into learning the ins and outs of the e-book market and the different formats and requirements of the major e-book distributors—Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Apple. In addition, all e-books are listed with more than 40 independent e-book sellers. To see a list click here.

When we convert a print book to an e-book, the finished product will have the following components:

  • Front book cover design
  • Table of contents
  • Copyright and front matter
  • Body text

Subject to an additional fee are the following components:

  • Tables, photographs, or graphics
  • Footnote and/or endnote hyperlinks
  • Index hyperlinks
  • External hyperlinks

If you are a publisher who is interested in outsourcing your e-book production or an author who has already published your book but would like to convert it to an e-book, please contact us at 800-367-1844, extension 3.