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Four Horsemen, Four Hearts / Haynes, Paul / Paperback / LSI

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Product Description

Set one object beside another of a similar color and it has one appearance. Set it beside an object of a different color and it seems to transform in appearance. Author Paul Haynes lays two sets of biblical symbols side by side, helping the reader conceive of something entirely new.

As he does, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse no longer seem arbitrary and scary but are transformed into messengers of life and hope. Galloping from the throne room of God, the four “horses of heaven” speak to the condition of the human heart at this momentous hour in human history, issuing a call to action for all who have received the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Four Horsemen, Four Hearts communicates a sense of responsibility for spreading the gospel message, while liberating the gospel worker as he or she recognizes that not all will have a heart to receive the message.

About the Author

Paul Haynes lives in Idaho and works as a physician at a family practice in Rathdrum. Paul wrote this book in hopes that readers will understand more fully what is written in Revelation 4 through 6 and will choose life instead of the doom that awaits the unrepentant soul.

Curtis Rittenour lives in Washington state. After serving as a pastor for twenty-five years, he embarked on a career as a freelance writer and speaker. Curtis assisted Paul in the development and editing of this title.




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