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Future of Israel, The / Voerman, Jan / Paperback / LSI

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With all eyes straining to see what happens next in the Middle East, Israel in Prophecy is a hot topic. Books by Christian writers Hal Lindsey and the “Left Behind” series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins have brought it into popular consciousness, raising many questions:

Will Israel be built and established again as a mighty, holy nation, fulfilling their mission as a channel of blessing to other nations? How should we understand the prophecies of the Old Testament about Israel’s promised recovery in the Promised Land? What is the role of the rapture in these events?

Pastor Jan Voerman answers these questions from the teachings about Israel of Jesus and Paul, and the Old Testament prophecies, fitting all the pieces together to see a beautiful, consistent picture of God’s intention for His chosen people. Voerman’s conclusions may be surprising for some and will challenge the thinking of many more. For all who appreciate the Word of God, this is a rich and consistent study on the conditional nature of prophecy and the role of the Gentiles in the restoration of Israel under the New Covenant.



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