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Heavens Declare, The / Stollenmaier, Mary Lou

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Product Description

Building upon ancient astronomical sources and scientific data, the author, Mary Lou Stollenmaier, presents with striking clarity, along with numerous charts and diagrams, the beautiful story of human redemption through Christ as pictured so graphically in the starry heavens, and lends witness to the accuracy of Bible prophecy.

These constellations were created and named long before demonic forces corrupted their meanings and enslaved people with superstitious legends, mysterious horoscope addiction, and a false perception of the appointments in time.

A chilling exposé, The Heavens Declare presents the great deception perpetrated upon an unsuspecting world by sinister forces to deceive the whole world.

Written not only for the complete beginner in understanding the constellations, it also presents a fresh and exciting new look into the future as we examine the mysteries of the universe as the celestial players act out the drama portraying the prophetic end-time scenario.

Table of Contents

Part One: Celestial Mechanics
 A. We will see how the heavens are used to tell time, give direction, and as signs to tell a story. His Story.
 B. We will see how the earth and universe function.
 C. We will examine the Hebrew origin of the word ZODIAC.

Part Two: The Mystery of the Sphinx
 A. Irrefutable proof that God YHWH named and numbered the constellations.
 B. Evidence of the origin and age of the Zodiac from "The oldest book in the world."
 C. The Antediluvian, Israelite, and heavenly connection to the Zodiac.
 D. The importance of numbers and measurements to the Creator.

Part Three: Adam Sends a Message of Hope
 A. How the stars are used by Adam, after sin entered, to deliver a message of hope.
 B. The family tree.
 C. How and why perversion set in.
 D. The argument.
 E. A quick review.
 F. Memorials.
 G. The unbroken chain.
 H. Pictures tell stories.

Part Four: "The Perfect Plan" Book I
 A. Person, work and triumph of The Redeemer
     Chapter I     Virgo
     Chapter II    Libra
     Chapter III  Scorpio
     Chapter IV  Saggitarius

Part Five: "The Perfect Plan" Book II
 A. Fruits of His work
     Chapter I    Capricornus
     Chapter II   Aquarius
     Chapter III  Pisces
     Chapter IV  Aries

Part Six: "The Perfect Plan" Book III
 A. The final consummation
     Chapter I    Taurus
     Chapter II   Gemini
     Chapter III  Cancer
     Chapter IV  Leo
 B. Conclusion

Part Seven: "The Boast"
 A. The plan.
 B. The method.
 C. The counterfeit systems.
 D. Two women.

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