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Holsinger's History of the Tunkers/Brethren Church / Holsinger, H R / (HC/1901-1901/A-/USED)

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When first thinking of writing the history of the Brethren Church, in response to the request of many friends, I had in mind simply a narrative of the circumstances which led to the expulsion of the progressive element of the Tunker fraternity, and the reorganization and development of the Brethren Church. After mature consideration, it was found that reference to the Tunkers would of itself create an inquiry in the minds of many readers as to who they were and whence they came. The more thought given to the subject, the more it appeared like tracing the pedigree of a person or the lineage of a family. After pursuing this course of study, the title was changed to "Holsinger's History of the Tunkers and the Brethren Church." It also became evident that the Tunkers themselves must have had antecedents. That part of the work which is here denominated Prehistoric Period, was found most difficult. Fortunately, however, it is also least important. Doubtful things are always uncertain, and are augmented by antiquity. "There is no past so long as books shall live," and where there are no books, there is a past and a blank.

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B- In fair condition but is quite worn and may have some minor damage which may include tears, scuffs, scrapes, library stamps, fading, stains, etc. May have moderate marking.
C+ Pages complete, but binding, cover, and pages may be well worn and may show some damage.
C May be soiled or stained. May have loose joints, torn pages, missing maps or plates, or other defects.
C- May have missing pages, plates, maps, etc., may have torn or missing binding, may be stained, foxxed, and/or badly damaged.

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