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Invasion...Planet Earth / Richards, Philip N

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From the dark depths of space, beyond our galaxy, an evil invading army approaches earth. Landing undetected, the aliens set out to conquer our world. Their weapons are not ray guns or other Star Wars-type instruments of warfare, but deadly lies and deceptions. These ruthless and devious enemies are prepared to use any and all means at their disposal. They boldly pursue a cunning strategy to cause earth's inhabitants to rebel against their Ruler. Through lies and supernatural manifestations, they work to convince mankind that the words of their Ruler are untrue.
The invaders succeed in deceiving most humans, turning them against their Ruler. They reject His laws and refuse to acknowledge His authority over them, and set out to establish their own laws and mode of behavior to follow. However, this newfound freedom comes at a high price. The peace, happiness, and ease that earthlings once enjoyed is replaced by strife, misery, and hardship. Evil fills the earth, causing a great deal of suffering.
The aliens believe they have accomplished their conquest, but earth's Ruler has a plan to win back what has been lost. It will be a long, costly and hard-fought war. There will be many casualties, many will die, but in the end, He will be victorious and the invaders will be vanquished. Those who have been loyal to Him will be greatly rewarded and will once again enjoy the peace and blessings they had before the alien invasion.

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