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Lambs Among Wolves / MacGuire, Meade / Paperback / LSI

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What does being a Christian look like? Many professed Christians provide a misleading impression of modern-day Christianity, leading lives hardly different than their worldly counterparts. Living a life of Christianity is quite literally living the life of Christ. The real Christian travels a narrow life-path, with few companions. Their lives reveal a striking contrast to those who are Christians in name only.

"Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves" (Luke 10:3). True Christians today are literally lambs among wolves. They hold no common ground with the unbelievers, but seek to uphold a godly life of virtue and morality. Often this struggle brings upon them new and perplexing problems.

Lambs Among Wolves has been written for the benefit of those who are earnestly longing and seeking to follow the Master and develop a Christ-like character. In these pages the reader will find chapters on dying to self, salvation by acceptance, and how to cultivate a close relationship with Christ. Interwoven with Bible and Spirit of Prophecy quotations, this book can help guide the seeking Christian to live the life of the Lamb.



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