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Man, The Masterpiece / Kellogg, John Harvey, MD / (HC/1885-1894/B+/USED)

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Product Description

The sole aim of this work has been to inspire the boys and young men of the rising generation with a higher regard for those bodies which the Almighty "created in his own image," and pronounced "very good;" to encourage a greater love and respect for purity in thought and act; to help those whose aspirations are upward, by exposing the snares and evil enticements by which unwary youth are led astray; and thus to aid in the development of a higher, purer, and nobler type of manhood.

Codes for Title and Author, Binding, Dates, and Grading:

  • Full Title and Author as it appears on the title page;
  • Binding (PB=Paperback, HC=Hard Cloth, HJ=Hard Jacketed, HL=Hard Laminate, LL=Loose Leaf, SS=Saddle/Side Stitched, MB=Mechanical Bound—wire or plastic);
  • Year of Copyright and Print dates;
  • Grading as follows:
New   This book is brand new. It has never been opened or read.
A+ This book is in the same condition as when it was new. There are no defects.
A Almost the condition of A+ but without being as crisp. May have some small signs of use.
A- In very good condition but has some signs of wear.
B+ Above average used book. May have lightly bumped corners, light rubbings, or other minor defects.
B This book shows average wear and maybe some small damage such as small tears in pages, rubbings, bumped corners, fading, light stains, etc. May have some marking.
B- In fair condition but is quite worn and may have some minor damage which may include tears, scuffs, scrapes, library stamps, fading, stains, etc. May have moderate marking.
C+ Pages complete, but binding, cover, and pages may be well worn and may show some damage.
C May be soiled or stained. May have loose joints, torn pages, missing maps or plates, or other defects.
C- May have missing pages, plates, maps, etc., may have torn or missing binding, may be stained, foxxed, and/or badly damaged.

Other Details

Modern Medicine Publishing Company

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