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Midge on Her Own / Olson, Mildred Thompson / Paperback / LSI

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945-6192 L

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Midge on Her Own continues the saga of Mildred Thompson, who somewhat matures from her infamous title as a Katzenjammer Kid into a mischievous, energetic young lady. After Midge ventures from her secluded farm community into the great unknown of Washington, D.C. and beyond, she finds new adventures waiting for her as she searches for education, escapades, and new friends.

Enjoy laughs and tears with the ever enthusiastic Midge as she encounters wild bulls, outwits school rules, evades persistent suitors, and has a not-so-friendly incident with the supernatural. Through it all, Midge continues to grow into an amicable, fun-loving woman, drawing closer to a God that loves her, and her new husband who assists in her life-long dream of becoming a missionary.

This is the second book in a four-book series on the life of Midge. Check out The Making of Midge, Midge in Lebanon,and Midge and Wayne in the Middle East.



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