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Modern Spiritualism / Smith, Uriah

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As we draw closer to the second coming of Christ, the line between good and evil becomes blurred as evil masquerades as good, disguised in popular entertainment, communication and innocent pleasures. Since the early days of witchcraft, modern spiritualism now offers lighter options including so called harmless psychics, Wicca organizations, and the ever famous Magic 8-ball and Ouija board.

Spiritualism offers power, knowledge, reuniting with deceased loved ones and the thrill of the unknown. It has offered hope to those in despair and strength to the weak. But the questions we must ask are, has it fulfilled, if any, of these promises? Are we being deceived or are we selling stock options in our soul to the prince of darkness himself?

In the Bible we find the solemn warning that in the last days evil influences will be let loose upon the world; false pretensions will be urged upon the midst of men and deceptions, based up by preternatural signs and wonders, will develop to such a degree of strength that, if it were possible, they would deceive the very elect. Is it possible that spiritualism may be the very development of evil against which this warning is directed?

Modern Spiritualism is an interactive study to investigate the true nature of this movement today, to show the role it has in our daily lives and the consequences it will ultimately inflict. Author Uriah Smith skillfully shows from the standpoint of prophecy and scripture the original nature and tendency of this movement and how we can avoid being clutched in its grasp. This message is needed now more than ever as modern spiritualism is stealthily taking control over the world.

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