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Mother Mary / Randeniya, Rufus / Paperback / LSI

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Product Description

Mary the mother of Jesus is highly respected for her role in carrying the Son of God in her womb and raising Him to know the Scriptures and follow His heavenly Father. But have some taken this respect too far? Has their respect turned to adoration and worship?

Mother Mary addresses such important topics as the state of the dead, idol worship, Marian visions, the veneration of saints, hell and heaven, and God’s true followers.

Author Rufus Randeniya has spent years studying the topic and observing those involved in Marian worship. He wrote this book to address the key premises behind the adoration of Mary and point people to the truth of the Bible.

About the Author

Rufus Randeniya lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Before moving to the States, Rufus worked as a teacher and assistant librarian in the Sri Lankan Air Force and Colombo Museum. He also spent a year working as an evangelist in Nepal. Rufus has written eighteen books in his native language of Sinhalese. Rufus’ latest release before this book is titled Religious Pickle.



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