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Books for Missions

Update on the Mission Project / February 2012

The Lesotho project shipped on January 27 and arrived in Durban, South Africa, on February 8, where it will travel by semitruck to Maluti Adventist Hospital. From there it will be shipped in smaller truckloads to the remote village of Tsoinyane. The dirt roads are fair and will not handle the use of heavier trucks. Volunteers Arnold Hooker with Adventist Frontier Missions and Richard and Lorna Luken have gone to Lesotho to build a new library to house the books for the school children.

We are now working to ship 30,000 books to Kenya, and we need to raise $25,750 to complete the project. The books are packaged and ready to ship as soon as the funds are raised. The books include Spirit of Prophecy books, Bibles, songbooks, study materials, and storybooks for the children. The books are primarily Review and Herald and Pacific Press titles with some books coming from other Adventist publishers.

Story Behind the Kenya Project

Here is a brief recap of the story of how we became involved in the Kenya project:

As Sue Hullquist was preparing for her 40th high school class reunion, she reconnected with one of her classmates. The two shared their stories, and Diane told Sue about a mission trip she had taken to Kenya that changed her life. When Sue told Diane about the books that TEACH Services was wanting to send overseas, Diane told her to contact Benson, the director of the Adventist orphanage the mission team helped establish.

That same week, before Sue had contacted the orphanage, she was helping Marie, a customer, on the phone. Sue shared with her information about the mission project. That prompted Marie to ask if there was any way that TEACH could send some books to her adopted son in Kenya who runs an orphanage. Sue began telling her about her recent conversation with Diane, and quickly discovered that it was the same orphanage.

Marie shared how just the week before, about the time Diane was telling Sue about the orphanage, Benson had called and asked Marie if she could get him 30,000 books to help in their outreach to the people of the area and for the students to study from. They have about 1 book to every 20 people.

God was clearly directing as these three ladies spoke. And since then, TEACH Services has been working to raise funds for the project.

The orphanage has approximately 140 children ranging in age from preschool to late teens. There are approximately 14 senior students who are going door-to-door giving Bible studies. These young people have limited Bibles and Spirit of Prophecy books. They share one book between approximately 20 young people. The children study from the few textbooks they have and work in the fields growing produce to eat, sell, and share with others who are in need.

Many of the children of Nacuru, Kenya, the town the orphanage is located in, can be seen begging for money to buy food. The sad thing is that often when they receive the money instead of buying food, they use it to buy glue. You can see many of the children with glue bottles stuck to their little faces because they’ve sniffed the glue for so long. The fumes in the glue decrease their hunger pangs. Many of these children spend their young lives walking around in a daze from the glue fumes or suffering from hunger pangs.

The orphanage is doing all it can to help these children receive protection and the saving knowledge of Jesus.

Thank you for considering this worthy project and helping to share God’s word with those who are in need. Without us sending these books, they have little opportunity of obtaining written materials.

Letter from the orphanage in Kenya

Following is a message from Benson. (It has not been edited and is in its original format and language.)

"I am so much excited to hear what you are saying, it is absolutely a wonderful news, I did not imagine that this is how God  was going to do, but ever since 8 years ago, i have seen God doing many great things in my life and in the lives of these dear 140 orphans in this home....

"Anyway, since God has opened the way for us to get these books, He also will open the heavenly widows for the funds to the people who have sacrificed to send us these books. The other thing i would not let forget, even if the book is very old even without covers, so long as it is readable and is a good book, just pack it, the hunger for books here in Africa is just unexplainable!!! May God keep His leading on you as you start on this noble project.

"Any questions you may have in regard to this, I am much ready to answer you feel very free to ask. Yes, am going to tell all the children this morning to keep praying for all the people who want to donate for the shipment of these books.... May our Heavenly Father richly bless you all.

"Yours in the blessed hope, Benson."

Update on the Mission Project / October 2011

We have raised enough money for the Lesotho shipment, which we hope to send by the end of November. We are now working with the shipping company and customs to finalize the shipment and get all the paperwork in order.

Although it is very exciting to see another shipment prepare to be sent to Africa, we still need to raise $30,000 to send the final shipment to Keyna. Please pray that we will raise the funds and be able to send this as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

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Update on the Mission Project / July 2011

For eight weeks, TEACH Services' employees packed books each Friday in preparation to ship to Africa once the funds were received. A number of Christians were working at the warehouse that we are renting, and they were extremely helpful and supportive of our project. In fact, they donated books and many of the shipping containers we packed the books in.

A local home school co-op in the Hagerstown area has also been a big help. During their spring concert, they took up an offering for the mission books, and three different families have helped us pack books on Fridays. The parents and kids, ranging in age from 4 to 13, have been a huge help sorting and packing books.

We have made one shipment to Africa and are diligently raising funds to send the remaining two shipments to Kenya and Lesotho.

It just amazed us that we had no idea where to send books to or who to contact but God has led the right people to us who need books to share God's message with other people.

We know that God knows where the funds are, and He will provide in His time. We have two local churches in the Hagerstown, Maryland, area that have taken this on as a mission project, and we appreciate their help and willingness to accept donations.

General Information About the Project

What impact would a library filled with Adventist books have on the countries of Kenya and Lesotho in Africa? TEACH Services has 50,000 used Adventist books remaining in its warehouse, and after much prayer, God has opened the doors to send them to the mission field!

  • The Kenya project is requesting books for an Adventist-run orphanage. They want books to witness to the children in the orphanage and the surrounding community. The community is desperate for the truth. The books will be used to share God's message with others.
  • The Lesotho project wants to use the books to fill a public school library that is desperate for English books. The local Adventist church is ready to support those who gain interest in God’s message. The public officials of the region understand that the library will be filled with Christian books, but they have said, “We want the books.”

It is TEACH Services’ desire to blanket these areas with God’s word. Will you help us in this effort? The approximate value of the books is $250,000, with TEACH Services matching donations 4 to 1. The books range from biographies, mission stories, devotionals, and children’s books to doctrinal, Ellen G. White, and health-related books to Bibles and hymnals.

If you feel impressed to share God’s message in the mission field, you can help by sponsoring the following number of books:

  • 25 books for $25
  • 50 books for $50
  • 100 books for $100
  • 500 books for $500
  • 1,000 books for $1,000
  • 2,500 books for $2,500
  • 5,000 books for $5,000
  • 10,000 books for $10,000

The Annapolis Seventh-day Adventist Church in Annapolis, Maryland, is partnering with TEACH Services to accept tax-deductible donations for this project via check or credit/debit card. To donate by check, please make your check payable to “Annapolis Seventh-day Adventist Church” and mark “Books for Missions” in the memo field. Then mail your donation to:

Annapolis Seventh-day Adventist Church 
Attn: Ed Fabian, Assistant Treasurer
1996 Generals Highway
Annapolis, Maryland 21401

To pay by credit or debit card, go to the Annapolis Church's Web site and click on the Online Giving link. If you are already an Adventist Giving user, simply enter your login and password. If you have never used Adventist Giving, it is easy to set up an account by following the simple registration directions. Once you enter the Adventist Giving site, enter your donation in the “Books for Missions” field.

Thank you in advance for helping us spread the word of God around the world!


Please note: If this project sounds like something your local church or school would like to sponsor, please contact us at accounting@teachservices.com for more information about how to get started in helping raise funds for this important mission project.

The more people that help to raise funds, the faster we will be able to ship the books to Africa!