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E-book - Kindle



Kindle devices can only read e-books specifically formatted for Kindle (Mobi format)

  1. Login to your TEACH Services account
  2. Click on View Completed Orders
  3. Click on the correct order number
  4. Click Download Files
  5. Click on the file name to download to a location that you specify.
  6. Plug your Kindle into your computer using a micro USB
  • Mac - Kindle will mount to the desktop
  • PC - Kindle will load like an external disk in "My Computer"
  1. Open the Kindle and browse to "Books" file folder
  2. Copy the Book file that you just downloaded into the "Books" folder on your Kindle


The video below shows an example of how to complete steps 6-8. It may be slightly different in your situation.


Alternate Method:

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