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Primer on Salvation and Bible Prophecy, A / Alavezos, Dr Larry / Paperback

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Countless Christians throughout the ages have asked the question, "What must I do to be saved?" This question will only intensify as the world draws to a close, and as more and more people seek answers as to their final destiny. Fortunately, the unfailing Word of God holds all the answers. We can be sure of our destiny and the events that will take place at the close of history by studying Bible prophecy.

A Primer on Salvation and Bible Prophecy takes readers on a journey through Daniel and Revelation in search of answers to questions about how to be saved, what the future holds, and how the world will end. Dr. Larry Alavezos helps readers make the connection between Bible prophecy and historical events, thus solidifying the accuracy of the Bible and the power of God's Word.

With the Bible as our guide, we need not fear for the future. But it is our responsibility to be prepared for the impending world crisis. Don't wait until it is too late. A Primer on Salvation and Bible Prophecy will be your guide as you study two of the most important books of the Bible: Daniel and Revelation.

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