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Steps to Christ Study Workbook / Waters, Dennis / Paperback / LSI

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The book, "Steps to Christ" is about changing the land, by changing the man (woman, boy, girl). This "Steps to Christ Study Workbook" guides you in digesting and distributing the food for change found inside this classic volume. By opening up for investigation old ideas and stimulating new thoughts you are planting the acorn of truth in the midst of the peopled landscape of the world. The acorn idea of acknowledging one's need of help, the acorn idea of repentance, the acorn idea of life first and then growth to follow, planted in the center of your being ensures massive, great, tremendous change, growth and development. So my friend, A BETTER WORLD is within you. In your hands is the key, the passport, the seed, the acorn, the beginning, you need to get us all there. Dr. Dennis L. Waters is the Pastor, President and Founder of a theological movement that helps people to move beyond past tragedy, trauma, loss and pain, by tapping into the tools and teachings for healing of major Christian religions and other world religions, including meditation and self-talk affirmations. His Restoration Ministry Model uses a paradigm of Eight Specific Spirit-Mind Sets, called the Eight A's of Ascension into the Arms of the Almighty, to help people restore, reposition, re-engineer their spiritual, emotional, mental, social, physical and financial lives, in order to bring forth the life they were destined to live. His tools and techniques help people to live their lives, their best productive life, now, on every level, including fulfilling their pupose of giving their life to make a difference. Dr. Waters is an abuse survivor who is thriving. He is committed to facilitating the rehabilitation and restoration of lives, families, countries and the world.

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