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Three Acres and a House / Rhem, Della

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Three Acres and a House is a book telling the story of a family's simple prayer for literally three acres of land and a house in the country. As they prayed for this blessing, certain that in a short time God would grant their request, they never imagined the close and trying trials they would be required to endure.
However, through the sometimes excruciating difficulties and troubles they encountered on their way to receiving the blessing. God taught them many things. Mostly He taught them about themselves, but ultimately He taught them about His love, even in the midst of the most difficult times. What they learned, could not have been taught any other way except through personal experience.
The spiritual journey they traveled in their quest for their three acres and a house ended in a blessing they would never have even dared to request from God. The spiritual lessons they learned literally changed their lives, and challenged their understanding of who God was.
Ultimately, the author, who is a 3rd generation Adventist, had to shed layers and layers of "skin" off of many of the generational beliefs about God and religion, as He gently showed her through His love and grace, what embodies true Christianity, and gave her a deep and personal relationship with the one who so willingly expressed His love by His death on the cross.

Della Rhem, her husband Thomas, and their son Thomas "Naton" III are currently living their dream on 560 acres of land in rural Tennessee. She and her husband run a Wilderness Survival Camp on the property where they teach outdoor survival skills including identifying edible plants, basic fire building, shelter construction, compass reading, rappelling and spelunking to students.

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Binding: Paper Back
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc
Pages: 114

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