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Victory Over a Critical Spirit (Caucasian Cover) / Hammer, Jim / Paperback

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“Can you believe he is wearing sandals to church?”

“I know, and did you see what she brought for potluck? Doesn’t she know better?”

“Tell me about it, and did you hear that the pastor supports the school board’s decision to hire another teacher? How ridiculous! The school doesn’t have the money!”

Sound familiar? Our church is often plagued with critical comments and a negative spirit. Instead of reaching out to those in the world, we criticize them. And if they do come to church, we are quick to point out their faults in an effort to help them “grow.” Of course, we aren’t any better with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We like to point out what we think other people are doing wrong. If we are to finish the work of spreading the gospel to the world, we must unite and cultivate the fruit of the Spirit. We must become like Jesus and banish our critical spirit and let the Holy Spirit develop a loving character in us.

Jim Hammer shares personal stories and insights from his own spiritual journey that has brought him Victory Over a Critical Spirit. This is a must read!

“Jim has given us a much-needed message. If we could each incorporate its principles into our lives we would bring a new peace and happiness into our families, the church, and the world.” June Strong, author of Project Sunlight and Song of Eve

“The toxic results of being judgmental are at the heart of why Christianity and its love message have not swept the world. I thank Jim for writing such a sensitive book and for his vulnerability. May God bless you and your Christian walk as you digest and grow in grace by reading this book.” Mike Ortel, president, Northern New England Conference

About the Author

Jim Hammer has served as a lay pastor and head elder for twenty-five years. He wrote this book after witnessing the destruction of churches that entertain a critical spirit and the restoration of churches that adopt Christ’s character. He hopes that readers will “search their hearts to see if they are building their church up or tearing it down.”


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Additional Reviews

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  1. How can I order 100 copies?

    Posted by Conference Office purchase on 21st Feb 2013

    I just read your book. Love it and need more. How can I order 100 copies?

  2. Must Buy This Book

    Posted by Cheryl on 12th Feb 2013

    The chapters were short and easy to read but right on point. I gave this book to three friends in my prayer group and each of them loved the book. I am thinking of buying a number of these books to share with my deaconesses at our next quarterly brunch. The personal experiences shared showed how the loving spirit was demonstrated.

  3. A must read for every christian!

    Posted by Christine on 12th Feb 2013

    This book was excellently written. It cause me to examine myself and how I view my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This has caused me to stop thoughts about others that are not Christ-like.

  4. Timely message for the remnant

    Posted by Roger on 25th Jan 2013

    Good read and practical. I hope that others will be blessed as I have.

  5. Much Needed Book

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2013

    This book addresses a vitally important topic for all Christians today. I appreciate that Jim has addressed several aspects of a critical spirit that we can sometimes overlook in ourselves. And we may never know the harm we have done to others by our negative attitudes. Read this book prayerfully and you will be blessed.

  6. Very Powerful Truths

    Posted by Dawn on 18th Jan 2013

    Its a hard lesson to learn we the church can destroy what we actually want to build! To be, act and walk Christ-like is no simple task. Thank you Jim for sharing and revealing some hard truths written in a way we may learn from and apply in our lives!

  7. Inspiring

    Posted by Melissa on 7th Jan 2013

    When you see so many people struggling to get the victory, it is great to hear the story of one who has. This book includes the story of a whole church that has gotten the victory over a critical spirit. Praise God. Read this book for yourself and find that it has tools so that you and possibly your church can get the victory for yourselves.

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