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Vision by the Tigris, The / Hayden, Timothy John / Paperback / LSI

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Named after the vision that Daniel received by the Tigris River, this book is a commentary of Daniel chapters 10-12. It was written for those who are interested in a detailed description of Daniel’s last prophecy. While modern futurist interpretations place historical portions of this prophecy into the future, The Vision by the Tigris breaks new ground by clarifying those historical sections that have never been properly understood. Especially significant is its interpretation of Daniel 11:23-30. Here the author shows that these verses identify spiritual powers after Jesus’ crucifixion in verse 22. He then uses this new information to interpret “the time of the end” in verses 40-45. The following information is included in the book:

  • It is interspersed with quotes, maps, charts, and timelines.
  • It gives principles for interpreting end time prophecies.
  • It uses the historicist method of interpretation.
  • It uses typology to identify the spiritual powers after Jesus’ crucifixion.
  • It connects Daniel 11 to other Bible prophecies.
  • It examines Daniel’s experience, and admonishes the reader to follow Christ.
  • It shows the prophecy’s connection to Jesus and His Church.
  • It explains the ministry of Christ, the New Covenant, and the corruption and persecution of the Church.
  • It reveals the great men of history, their kingdoms, and their wars given in the vision.
  • It shows the involvement of the United States, the European Union, and the Moslem and Communist nations.
  • It identifies the spiritual kingdoms of Israel, Babylon, and Egypt at the end.
  • It unveils the conflict over God’s Law, explains the experience of His people, and shows their victory over sin and Satan.

For those who want a thorough examination of Daniel’s last prophecy, The Vision by the Tigris is the book to read.

Book Specs

Binding: Paper Back
Publisher: TEACH Services, Inc
Printed: 2006
Pages: 248

Table of Contents

Principles of Interpretation

Chapter 1: Lessons from Daniel

A Great, Long Conflict
Diet and Prophecy
Beholding Jesus
Walking with Jesus
Acceptance with God
Prayer and Faith
Michael and the Unseen Struggle
Daniel's Faithful People
The Divine Connection
The Power of God
The Rise and Fall of Nations
Summary of Chapter One

Chapter 2: From Persia to Rome

The Medo-Persian Dominion
The Rise of Alexander the Great
The Dividing of the Greek Empire
The Kings of the North and South
The Kings Attempt Peace through Marriage
Ptolemy Euergetes Stands Up
Antiochus becomes King of the North
The Battle of Raphia
Rome Establishes the Vision
Rome Overthrows Antiochus the Great
Rome and the King of the North
Summary of Chapter Two

Chapter 3: Rome and the Prince

Julius Caesar Asserts his Authority
Caesar Corrupts Cleopatra
Caesar Takes the Isles
Antony Speakes on Caesar's Behalf
The Murder of Julius Caesar
Augustus Caesar Stands Up
Tiberius Caesar Stands Up
The Prince of the Covenant
The Time of the Prince
The Purpose of the Covenant
The Application of the Covenant
Summary of Chapter Three

Chapter 4: The Rise of the Papacy

Types and Antitypes in the Scriptures
Types and the Book of Revelation
Types and the Vision by the Tigris
Christian Philosophy
Philosophy Corrupts the Church
Constantine and Christian Warfare
The Edict of Milan
The Original Sunday Law
The Overthrow of Licinius
The Council of Nicaea
The Establishment of the Papacy
Summary of Chapter Four

Chapter 5: The Papal Dominion

The Papal Church-State Union
The Dark Ages
The Long Ages of Persecution
Help from the Comforter
Purification by Trial
The Popes Blaspheme God
The Pope Enforces Celibacy
Death and the Immortal Soul
The Worship of Patron Saints
Idolatry and Land Distribution
America and Freedom
Summary of Chapter Five

Chapter 6: The Final Conflict

The Moslems in Bible Prophecy
The Atheist Beast
The Second Advent Movement
The Judgment and the Woman
The European Beast
The American Beast
The Final Powers Identified
Babylon Attacks the Church
Babylon Overthrows Egypt
The Sealed Remnant
The Loud Cry
Summary of Chapter Six

Chapter 7: Babylon's Destruction
The Time of Trouble
The Plagues Fall on Babylon
The Second Coming
The Millennium
The End of Sin and Sinners
New Heavens and a New Earth
Many Run To and Fro
The 1260 Years
The Wise Understand
The 1290 and 1335 Years
Daniel Rests
Summary of Chapter Seven
Appendix A

About The Author

Tim lives with his wife Charmaine in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. He works at a test track there as an engineer for Continental Automotive Systems, which designs brakes for the Automotive Industry. Tim and Charmaine have three children, and two grand children. They both enjoy the beauty of northern Michigan, and they spend many afternoons together walking the trails in the wooded countryside. They also have two large gardens where they grow many of their own vegetables.

Tim has served the Lord in various capacities since he was baptized 1983.

He has a special love for the Gospel and Bible Prophecy, and has written and given seminars on those topics. Tim has also taken special interest in the prophecy in Daniel 11, and while serving as Head Elder and Bible instructor in Sault Ste. Marie, he wrote this book.

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