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64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us / Gray, Jonathan / Paperback

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This book details sixty-four ways in which earlier, forgotten science and technology are superior to our own . . . today.

These are not merely ancient secrets—but knowledge way ahead of the twenty-first century. You will learn of secret formulas that could revolutionize modern aviation, construction, and medicine—advanced secrets our world once knew, and has forgotten. Discover how some geniuses of antiquity soared into inventions and plucked knowledge that the twenty-first century is just beginning to nudge. You may well ask, what else did they know, that we don't? Art techniques which we cannot copy, super micro technology, sub-ocean tunneling, invisibility, time viewing devices, lamps that never go out—WHAT NEXT???

The book covers the following areas and topics:

1. Maps more accurate than ours
2. Comples 3-dimensional map made with unknown technology

3. Knowledge of planet beyond Pluto
4. Calendars more accurate than ours

5. Bronze harder than we can make
6. Iron that will not corrode
7. Enormous castings of pure iron (we can't)
8. Alloy processes not yet discovered
9. Copper hardened by an undiscovered process
10. Silver that does not tarnish
11. Gold plating technique superior to ours

Construction size and techniques:
12. Architecture beyond our scope today
13. Lifting capabilities beyond ours-engineering feats nefer equalled since
14. Larger than our biggest modern buildings
15. Surface smoothing and fitting accuracy superior to ours
16. More accurate standard of measurement
17. Construction speed superior to ours
18. Buildings which are virtually indestructible
19. Shaking towers - a secret unknown
20. Cement superior to modern Portland cement
21. A process for softening hard rock
22. Non-circular, 5-point-star shaped holed drilled
23. Drills faster than modern power drills
24. Ability to slice through hardest materialswithout friction or heat
25. Interlocking unnels thousands of miles in length under land and sea
26. Canals and dams larger than ours
27. Construction methodes beyond our present cabability

Town Planning:
28. Town planning for centuries ahead - nowhere done today

Mechanical - electric:
29. Robot cock, long buried, able to shriek and flap its wings

Everyday items:
30. Books composed of gold leaves

Clothing, textiles:
31. Cotton grown in various colors
32. Textiles finer than is possible in a modern loom

Art, sculpture:
33. Three dimensional effect by luminous plants
34. Finest stone engraving in the world
35. Mysteriously high carvings
36. Art visible only in a photograph (also visible/invisible art)
37. Neon bright "movie" in granite
38. Crystal skull beyond our ability to produce

Health, medical:
39. Currently incurable diseases cured with medicines known today
40. Obsidian instruments 1,000 times sharper than today's conventionsl surgical blades
41. Skull operations technically superior to our own

42. Perpetual lamp able to burn for 2,000 years
43. More known about matter, light, and ether properties than we know
44. Inexplicable paired TV screen transmission
45. Book TV with vanishing pictures

46. Cross-country lines laid out straighter than by the best of modern survey techniques

47. Aircraft able to fly straight up, down, forwards, or backwards
48. Manouvers that helicopters can perform today only partially
49. Ability to hear conversations in enemy planes
50. Flight powered by mercury
51. Specified tricks in flight to deceive an enemy (and formulas that would revolutionize modern aviation)
52. Flight powered by sound waves
53. Electomagnetic energy from the atmosphere
54. Vehicles adapted to travel both in the sky as well as on or under the sea

Intriguing secrets:
55. A container which weighs the same whether full or empty
56. Fire which burns in water
57. Singing statues
58. Large public baths heated by the flame of a single candle
59. Objects suspended indefinitely in mid air
60. Alchemy (transmuting one metal into a different metal)
61. Invisibility apparatus
62. Visible then invisible, bridge
63. Time viewing devices
64. Brain transplants

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