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Answers to Objections / Nichol, Francis D / Paperback / LSI

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Any movement, especially a religious one, that is active in promoting its beliefs, must expect to be confronted with a variety of objections from numerous sources. Opposition may be considered an indication that a movement is making a definite impression on the world. Men do not oppose something that is dead or dying.

The Seventh-day Adventist movement has been no exception to the rule. As it has grown, it has stirred up discussion in every corner of the earth, and opposition in the form of tracts, pamphlets, and books have been passionately brought forth and circulated. It is the soundness of these objections, not the sincerity of their authors that this book calls into question.

Answers to Objections is not an exhaustive list of all the objections ever raised, for that would be impossible, but answers the most common objections encountered and obtained by leading evangelists in NorthAmerica.

Author Francis Nichol has endeavored to avoid dealing with only the negative aspects of these objections, by showing the Bible truth on the question in dispute. He also avoids the use of the unfortunate type of language that so often characterizes religious discussion. This book is not intended to create needless dispute, but purposes to provide further

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