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Armageddon's Glorious End / Manzano, David / Paperback / LSI

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This latest contribution to the understanding of the Bible’s final book will be a welcomed addition to anyone’s personal library. The author is quick to admit that Revelation has many strange images and perplexing elements. However, he is just as quick to stress that these images and elements are not the focus. The Apostle John, in writing this apocalyptic volume, centers the attention on Jesus Christ, the only hope for those who have accepted Him as Lord and Savior, as well as those who still need to.

Many people know Revelation for its striking, confusing symbolism. Many of these people would experience less confusion if they realized that most of these symbols are borrowed by the beloved disciple from other parts of the Bible. Manzano is faithful and responsible in allowing the Bible to interpret itself and establishing the Old Testament, especially the book of Daniel, as the foundation for decoding Revelation’s “mysteries.”

As Bible prophecy continues to unfold, and this world continues to unravel like a cheap sweater, the frustration and turmoil that ensues will dissipate by the encouraging tone of this book. Readers are subsequently prompted to dive into Revelation and study afresh to reconnect with the Lamb/King around whom its messages revolve.



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