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Beginning of Lies, The / Hindley, Melinda / Hardcover / LSI

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Product Description

Have you wondered how to explain the deep truths of the Bible in a simple manner to children? If so, this book was written for you. Author Melinda Hindley's own experiences in life and personal Bible study have led her to fill this need of parents and teachers of young children.

Using simple language, the origin of sin and the plan of salvation are laid out so that children can grasp these grand themes on a level appropriate to their age. Stories of Lucifer's fall, Eve's deception, Cain's rebellion, and Noah and the Flood are told in short, simple sentences. Each story leaves plenty of room for parents or teachers to build upon as they deem suitable.

The Beginning of Lies is appropriate for early readers to read independently. However, it is recommended that an adult read with them to help the child understand the concepts in the stories and answer any questions the child may have.

Melinda hopes that this book will help the reader and the listener have a deeper understanding of God's love, and to respond to that even more than they do already.



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