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Available Now, God's Hitman!

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When all looks hopeless in the cycle of addiction, God is still there for you. “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee” (Deuteronomy 31:6, KJV).

Join Richard as he faces the demons of alcoholism, family strife, and guilt, ultimately leading to crime and prison. He reaches the end of his rope as they say, and is ready to give up, but eventually realizes that he has a choice that he can make that changes his life. Once he admits his need for something more than himself, he finds salvation in God’s Word and the support he needs in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Never give up hope; never give up trying; never give up praying. 

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 Richard Mayfield

Richard Mayfield spent his life trying to look good at all costs. Unfortunately, when you are an alcoholic, things ultimately fall apart. Things were no different for Richard. It finally took being sentenced to prison in the Colorado state prison system at seventy-two years old to face his weaknesses and turn to God by opening His Word for the first time and finally giving his life to our Savior.

After growing up in New York state, Richard has spent his later years in Colorado. He and his lovely wife, Elaine, enjoy living in God’s “backyard” of Montana—everywhere you look is a reminder of God’s majesty and love. He actively works with addicts in a Christ-centered 12-step program called “Celebrate Recovery” at his local Seventh-day Adventist church in Dillon, Montana.

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Where are we now in the stream of time concerning end-time events? What nations, religions, and individuals are slowly but surely fulfilling the final events of the great controversy between God and Satan?With meticulous attention to detail and based on his extensive research of ancient and modern-day religions and secular history, the author has created a compelling and convincing [...]

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Words to Layout

Doris L.'s new book is moving to layout. This new book was written to inspire young readers to discover their God-given strengths. Stay tuned for updates!If you would like to publish your book, email us here, set up a consultation here, or get a free manuscript review here.

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Art Creation!

We are excited to be working on the art for Vernon P.'s new book. This new book will share inspiration through stories of miracles. We'll keep you up to date as we continue production. TEACH can help you design art and illustrations perfect for your title. To know more about the TEACH Art process, click [...]

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Now Available, Inspiring Thoughts to Jump-Start Your Day!

Author Simeon Rosete is an experienced speaker and pastor, who has gathered together a collection of resources mixed with new, never-before-seen inspirational, educational, entertaining, and Bible-based thoughts. This book is a treasure trove that contains a wide variety of materials for personal daily devotions. It is also a good source for teachers, pastors, and speakers who are searching for materials to [...]

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Words to Layout!

We are excited to begin design work on Scott B's book. This new book will help you discover more about the Book of Revelation.  Stay tuned for updates! If you would like to publish your book, email us here, set up a consultation here, or get a free manuscript review here.

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Off to Cover Design!

We are excited to begin working on the cover for Charles C.'s book. This new book discusses the topic of jewelry in church. Stay tuned. It won't be long until it's ready.If you would like to publish your book, email us here, set up a consultation here, or get a free manuscript review here.

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Now Available, SEE WHAT GOD CAN DO!

Settle into a comfortable chair and prepare to be transported into the exciting world of literature evangelism. A literature evangelist is a person called by God to spread the gospel through the sale and distribution of bible-based literature. They wake up every morning with a general plan of where to go but never know where God will lead or what [...]

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TWENTY-EIGHT FUNDAMENTAL BIBLE STUDIES covers twenty-eight essential topics in God’s Word. These include: 1. The Word of God2. The Godhead3. God the Father4. God the Son5. God the Holy Spirit6. Creation7. The Nature of Man8. The Great Controversy9. The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ10. The Experience of Salvation11. Salvation and Growing in Christ12. The Church13. The Remnant and Its Mission14. Unity in the Body of Christ15. Baptism16. [...]

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Now Available, Amazing Truth: The Revelation of Jesus Christ to the Remnant!

The author, Samuel Abraham, was fascinated by the study of the Scriptures as his spiritual mentor helped him see that the Bible gives a more satisfying understanding of the origins of life, human civilization and language than philosophical materialism. Along the way, he discovered the uncanny nature of Bible prophecy and how God, through His [...]

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