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Chiasm of Daniel and Revelation (Omega), The / Nueske, A. A. / Paperback / LSI

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The book in your hands is the second part of The Chiasm of Daniel and Revelation. Unique among publications on biblical prophecy, it looks at the books of Daniel and Revelation as if they were one book written by God through two men living hundreds of years apart. Author Allan A. Nueske uses the insight that the two books are connected in mirror-like fashion to simplify the confusing parts of Revelation by using the simpler book of Daniel, and he brings the stories of Daniel into practical application for those living in the last days of this earth’s history by his use of the parallel section in Revelation. Nueske describes how mankind’s creation provides the final witness on behalf of God, eternally resolving the great controversy over God’s law and constant love. He shows that the history of the church is a repeat, in many ways, of the history of ancient Israel.



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