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Distant Sound of Wisdom, The / Shipton, Warren / Paperback / LSI

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Besides finances and the economy, the topic of health is constantly in the media. Reports on advancements in medicine, new diets, beneficial foods, and exercise tips are commonplace. Of specific interest for Christians is that many reports are urging people to adopt healthful practices that God prescribed as the best methods to achieve optimum health.

In The Distant Sound of Wisdom, Warren A. Shipton argues that the human race was created for a purpose, which includes the enjoyment of life. The natural laws governing life and well-being include the mind and the body—physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Within this volume, Shipton examines the factors that contribute to physical health, including the benefits of a plant-based diet, which is a significant determinant of a long and healthy life. He then moves into a discussion of mental and social health and how individuals can improve in those areas. Finally, he focuses on the importance of spiritual health and a relationship with the Creator of life.

The book contains extensive documentation of scientific studies and current research in the areas of health while presenting corresponding biblical truths that affirm the authority of the Bible.



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