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Healing Model, The / Chambers, Bill / Paperback / LSI

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The Healing Model was not written as a book to entertain or thrill you with "warm fuzzies" and personal stories. This book is a book written for study and serious reflection. It examines the age old, traditional way of understanding the plan of salvation in the church referred to as "the legal model." It points out some serious problems with using the forensic, courtroom, law model as a basis for the way God saves people.

The book then introduces a better model, or metaphor, for understanding how the plan of salvation works, this model referred to as "the healing model." In this model, God, instead of being seen as a Judge and Executioner, is seen as a Great Physician and Healer, not only physical, but the spiritual healing of our sin-sick souls. In this model, God's righteous and gracious character shines through in a refreshing new way.

The book also discusses God's Law, the Trinity, forgiveness, justice, and the end of sin and sinners, all in the setting of a healing model. And maybe most importantly, the book discusses the reason it is so important that the church has this clearer picture of God's character. This book is a must read for the sincere seeker of truth for the last day church.

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