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Illuminati 666, The / Sutton, William Josiah

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Witchcraft, Astrology, 666, Freemasonry, Communism, Papacy, Federal Reserve, UN, universal product code, and more. This is volume 2 of 2 in a series; volume 1 is The Anti-Christ 666.

Following are just some of the topics covered in this book:

  • The Origin of False Religions Began With Lucifer
  • The Doctrine of the Immortal Soul, Basic Foundation of Witchcraft
  • Astrology, the Origin of all Pagan Sciences
  • The Modern Term Witchcraft Taught in Colleges Today
  • The Pentagram and Pentagon
  • Sacred Numbers and Letters in Witchcraft that Deceive Today
  • Bible Knowledge to Test a True Prophet
  • A Brief Study About the Cabala, the Jewish Book of Magic
  • Hermes and Nimrod: Founders of Freemasonry
  • Albert Pike, Highest Authority on Freemasonry, Was Not a Confederate Hero General as Believed and Taught Among Masons, but Was a Washout
  • A Comprehensive Study into the Secret Doctrines of Freemasonry
  • Documented Proof that Albert Pike Was an Open Worshiper of Lucifer
  • Charles Manson, aka Jesus Christ God
  • Shocking Facts about the Beatles Rock Group's White Album, and about Other Rock Groups
  • Shocking Facts about Witchcraft Signs Being the Origin of Symbols of the United States Government
  • Understanding the Symbolic Term Harlot as Given in Prophecy
  • A Comprehensive Study of Revelation, 17th Chapter
  • A Comprehensive Study of Daniel, 7th Chapter
  • The One World Government Conspirators within High Places in the U.S.
  • The Art of Subliminal Warfare through TV,Magazines, Newspapers, etc.
  • The Communist Plot uncovered by the Un-American Activities Committee in 1947
  • Tracing Early Communism (Illuminism) in Early American History
  • Signs Today that Show the Coming Merger of Communism (Illuminism), Catholicism and Apostate Protestantism
  • The Coming World-wide "Reign of Terror"
  • What the Mark of the Beast (Papacy) Is
  • The Papacy Is Branded with the Number 666
  • The Universal Product Code

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