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Killing of Paradise Planet, The / Gray, Jonathan / Paperback / LSI

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945-6410 L

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Everything in your life could suddenly change in 24 hours. It did one day long ago! Now science and ancient documents provide stunning evidence of a world in which everything changed suddenly. This book covers the following topics and more:

  • Astonishing city 6,000 feet under the Pacific Ocean!
  • Did human beings actually SEE the continents rip apart?
  • Discover the amazing orbital object that used to protect Earth.
  • See a pre-Flood artifact that we could not make today.
  • Amazing ship technology of 4,500 years ago!
  • Oh yes, and THAT Noah story - is it fact or fable?
  • How could you fit all the world's animals into one small boat?
  • Why do scientists REJECT most carbon dating results?
  • Amazing dinosaur facts you're not suposed to know.
  • Did men and woman suntan under Antarctica's palm trees?
  • Review the evidence of an ancient nuclear reactor!
  • Why are REAL dinosaur extinction facts suppressed?
  • Was there a time when you could walk on the bottom of (what is now) the Atlantic Ocean?
  • Could you really live to be 200, 300...600 or more?
  • How to STAY YOUNG...till you die.

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