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Lighted Trail, The / Smith, Doris

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"Have you ever lived so remote that the biggest event of the day was when the mail came? Have you longed for news from the outside world? Have you experienced the joy and excitement of finding that a friend or loved one was coming soon to your village or town? It is with great excitement that you count the days till the plane brings that special person. Sometimes they bring you something so precious that eternity won't be long enough to thank them.

"Now discover and experience all of these things as you read this book. The excitement of grandfather's dream that had the whole village asking "What can it mean?" and the amazement when Aunt Elsa shares the answers right from her Bible."—Mary Ratcliff, Cross Reflections Ministry

"There's nothing more inspirational than real life experiences. Lessons learned from the experiences of others are the most meaningful because they are so effective in helping us where we are actually at today. We Native people are visual - meaning we trust most in what we can actually see and touch. This is why this small book by Doris Smith is so powerful—especially to some of us who have actually lived or visited in the villages and know the people Doris writes about. It's all real, it's all so true. Coupled with the fact that the teachings this true story experience brings out are so accurate makes this book very worthwhile reading.

"If you're looking for helpful information presented in an interesting way on subjects that will bring answers to many of life's spiritual questions that most people are asking today you will find this book a real blessing to your heart."—Monte Church, Native Ministries Northwest/Canada Director

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