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Local Bounty / Gartenstein, Devra

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Local Bounty shows how a vegan diet, already healthful and environmentally sustainable, yields even greater advantages when seasonal foods are used in the recipes. Ripe produce is at the peak of its flavor and nutritional value. Less fossil fuel is needed to bring local fruits and vegetables to your table. Small scale farmers use less pesticides than commercial growers. Foods in season are abundant and more economical to purchase. And, buying locally is an important alternative to the globalization of the food industry.

You'll be reintroduced to the world of seasonal produce: leafy greens in the spring, tomatoes, peppers, and summer squash during the summer and fall, and root vegetables and winter squash during the cooler months. The recipes are designed to give you a solid starting place for cooking with fresh, local produce wherever you live, even if you don't have much extra time. And these innovative dishes tap into the abundance of seasonal harvests and make it easy to explore new flavors. Cooking with seasonal produce is a delicious way to be ecologically responsible.

About the Author

Devra Gartenstein has been in the food business for more than twenty years. The recipes in Local Bounty are the result of her culinary adventures creating meals with the seasonal produce as a vendor at farmer's markets. She passionately believes that by eating locally and seasonally, you enjoy not only a healthier body but a healthier planet.

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