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Mommy, is Today Sabbath? / Mamá, es hoy sábado? - English/Spanish Bilingual / Galloway-Blake, Jacqueline / Paperback / LSI

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Product Description

English/Spanish Bilingual Edition

Does your child count down the hours and minutes until the Sabbath ends? "Mom, what time is it? Is the Sabbath over yet?" Or is the Sabbath a delight for your child? Does he eagerly anticipate its arrival?
This book is for you to help your child find delight in the Sabbath. Read it aloud together. Enjoy the illustrations and rhyming text. By completing the activities at the end of the book, you will discover how your child feels about the Sabbath. Write down his/her answers to the questions. Your child can color on a separate sheet of paper, then cut and paste into the book.
When finished, this becomes a keepsake book preserving your child's thoughts and pictures for years to come. Buy two copies. Save one to be completed a year or two later and then compare how your child has grown in his/her thought processes and attitudes.
By completing the parent section, you will be inspired to think of creative ways to make the Sabbath more meaningful and delightful for your child.
This book will help you to:

      • Assess how your child feels about the Sabbath
      • Identify the seventh day of the week as the Bible Sabbath
      • Rehearse how enjoyable the Sabbath can be
      • Develop a predictable weekly schedule
      • Plan ahead of time how to make the Sabbath a delight for your child

So enjoy this multifaceted book: a storybook, a workbook and a keepsake book. Yours for helping children to love Jesus more and to appreciate the Sabbath more.



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English/Spanish Bilingual

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