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Reuben's Portion / Edwards, Josephine Cunnington / Paperback / LSI

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$14.95 (SRP)
945-6837 L

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Reuben gazes over the charred remains the Northern soldiers had left of his family home at the end of the Civil War. Everything is gone. He had spent months fighting for the South—starving, sick, and putting his life on the line—only to return to this black mass of nothing. At that moment he vows to rebuild his legacy and to have a future of wealth and success that no one or nothing can take away from him.

In this fascinating story, read about a young man who tries to do everything on his own, and even succeeds in making a fortune and rebuilding not only his home, but his community. Something is missing, however, and when he is asked about God, he begins to wonder if maybe even more is possible if he relies on God's strength instead of his own. As he reads Daniel and Revelation and puts God to the test, his life is changed forever.

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