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Revelation of Jesus Christ, The / Kirindongo, Ingrid / Hardback

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Christians and non-Christians alike around the world are beginning to question what is happening on this earth as natural disasters increase and evil seems to permeate every corner of this planet. So what is happening? Where do you turn to find answers to life's questions? The answers can be found in the Bible, and more specifically the book of Revelation.

Revelation provides us an in-depth look at the history of our world and the future as it will unfold before Jesus returns to take His followers home to heaven.
Ingrid Florencia-Kirindongo grew up listening to the words of Revelation and other Bible truths at the feet of her mother. Some of the things she heard made her anxious and filled with fear. However, as she matured and began studying for herself, God opened her eyes to His truths and the meanings of Bible prophecy in an easy to understand way. God also placed it upon her heart to share with others what she learned.

Throughout the years, she has listened to many of her friends express their fear of the end of the world and the mystery of Bible prophecy. It was with their well-being in mind that she wrote The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

In this book she unpacks Bible prophecy and the varied meanings of the book of Revelation. In a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Revelation, Florencia-Kirindongo examines the prophecies that John wrote, compares them with other Bible passages and religious authors, and uses easy-to-understand language to guide readers through the book of Revelation.

It is her prayer and desire that all who read this book will gain a deeper understanding of Bible prophecy, a knowledge of Jesus Christ, and be prepared to stand as end-time events unfold and as the world experiences the greatest upheaval it will ever see before Christ's return.


This title is available in e-book format.

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