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Seal of God, The: The Sign of God's Approval / Zarska, Carol / Paperback / LSI

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As the end of the world approaches, The Seal of God is truly a matter of life and death.

Considered to be the sequel to Carol Zarska’s most recent work, COUNTDOWN: Seven Trumpets for Today, The Seal of God takes a fresh look at the sanctuary message and its vital importance for God’s remnant people. Zarska examines exactly how to align our thoughts and feelings to those of Christ’s, how to hear His voice in our lives, and how to live in His presence daily. By walking through the symbolism of the sanctuary message and discovering what each part means, Zarska helps to show the connection between the previously performed rituals and what each one means for us today. As we journey towards God’s throne in these final climatic years, we must be prepared with the knowledge of the sanctuary and continually seek out God’s guidance and direction in our lives. Let The Seal of God help you to feel at peace with the events to come by better understanding the events of the past.


About the Author

Carol Zarska joined American Christian Ministries in 1984 as a full-time speaker. This opportunity has enabled Carol to travel throughout the United States and abroad and share with others the message of the sanctuary as it relates to prayer, the truth about end-time events, and the importance of Adventist heritage. Carol also works as a family counselor from her home in West Virginia.



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