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Second Coming, The / Standish, Colin D & Russell R

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The apostle Paul refers to the second coming of Jesus as the blessed hope (Titus 2:13). When you study the New Testament you will find that the central theme is one of hope in the return of Jesus Christ. New Testament writers presented this as the critical focus, yet soon after the death of all the apostles, doubts and debates robbed the people of this assurance and brought in the pagan notion of immediate life after death. In this new updated work, Colin and Russell Standish present a "wake-up call" for every complacent Christian, despite what their belief is concerning man's state-in-death.

About the Author

Both in 1958 completed a major in history and undertook an honors degree in psychology at Sydney University in the field of learning theory. Colin continued in this area, obtaining his master's degree with honors in 1961, and his doctor of philosophy in 1964. In 1967 he completed a master's degree in education.

Russell graduated as a physician in 1964. Six years later he was admitted to the Royal College of Physicians (UK) by examination. He was elevated to the Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Physicians in Edinburgh (1983) and Glasgow (1984).

In 1965, Colin was appointed chair of the Education Department at Avondale College. Subsequently he held the posts of academic dean at West Indies College (1970), president of West Indies College (1970-73), chair of the Department of Psychology, Columbia Union College (1974), president of Columbia Union College (1974-78), and dean of Weimar College (1978-83). He was invited to become the foundational president of Hartland Institute, which consists of a degree-issuing college, a wellness center, publishing house, and a world mission division.

Russell as a consultant physician (internist) has held the posts of deputy medical superintendent of the Austin Hospital, University of Melbourne (1975-78), president of the Bangkok Adventist Hospital (1979-84), medical director at Enton Medical Centre, England (1984-86), president of Penang Adventist Hospital (1986-89), and director of health services in the Southeast Asia Union (1989-92). Since 1992 he has been a speaker and editor for Remnant Herald.

Both Colin (1970) and Russell (1980) were ordained to the Seventh-day Adventist ministry. Both have been appointed delegates to General Conference sessions, Colin in 1975 and Russell in 1980 and 1990. They have co-authored forty books.

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