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Seventh-day Adventist Christian: Do You Know Who You Are? / Hammonds, Max W / Paperback / LSI

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Do you know who you are? “Of course I know who I am! I am Professor John Smith of Someplace, USA, born to Bob and Patty Smith.” But I’m not talking about your name, your profession, where you live, or who your parents are.

Let me reword the question. Do you know who you are in terms of your religious beliefs and relationship with God? “Of course I know who I am! I am a Seventh-day Adventist.” OK, but what does that mean? Dr. Max Hammonds proposes that it goes beyond simply saying that we obey ALL of the Ten Commandments and that Jesus is coming back to take His followers home to heaven.

Presented in this book is a carefully reasoned and biblically sound exploration of familiar topics that we always thought we understood. With warm personal stories told in the style of a private conversation at a quiet retreat, Dr. Hammonds works through the basic fundamentals of what it means to be a Christian and a Seventh-day Adventist in the real world, living for God during the Time of the End.

This is not just another book about Adventist doctrines. This book gets at the heart of Christianity while focusing on the special calling we have as Adventists.

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About the Author

Max Hammonds is a retired anesthesiologist who spends his summers in the mountains of North Carolina and his winters on the beaches of Florida. Not raised an Adventist, he was introduced to the church in his twenties and has been an ardent Bible student since then. Utilizing his spiritual gift of teaching, he enjoys leading out in Sabbath School, prayer meetings, Bible studies, and health ministry events. He has published both prose and poetry in the Adventist Review along with a historical novel, The Indomitable Gertrude Green, produced by the Review and Herald Publishing Association.



Interview with Dr. Rose Gamblin from Homeschool Companion. MP3 File MP3 file, 33.7MB - warning, this ia a LARGE file! (Airs Feb. 1, 2017.)

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