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Son of the Vikings / Edwards, Josephine Cunnington / Paperback / LSI

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The prison cell door clanged shut behind Oscar. Feeling suddenly weak, he sat down on the narrow cot dominating the room. His fingers pressed against the rough blanket draped across the cot. He would be sleeping on it, he realized, sleeping on it as a military criminal.
Only seven days before he had been wandering along the Danish coast, enjoying the delights of a peaceful Sabbath, Now—now, he was a prisoner for refusing to bear arms and drill on the Sabbath. What would happen to him? A war was about to burst over Europe, and the Danish army could not afford to let insubordination like his go unpunished lest it shatter the morale of the army. Military discipline was harsh.
Once again, the ever-popular Josephine Cunnington Edwards weaves an exciting story that will encourage today’s young people and adults alike.



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About the Author

Josephine Cunnington Edwards (1904-1993) was a versatile woman. She served as a missionary in Africa and wrote more than twenty books in such areas as missions, history, children, and the home. She also collaborated on three TV shows; found time to collect dolls, dishes, and Siamese cats; and enjoyed painting and traveling.

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