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Through Much Tribulation / Stuewe, Gerhard / Paperback / LSI

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People often blame God for the suffering caused by war, claiming that if He is a loving God then He should protect the innocent. Gerhard Stuewe and his family could have made that same assumption and turned their backs on God when they were forced from their home in Pomerania by the advancing Russian army in World War II. Fleeing for their lives, they spent nights in bomb shelters, were shot at by enemy warplanes, went without food for days, witnessed death and destruction, and then lived in squalid refugee camps. However, through it all, they chose to cling to their faith and praise God for the miracles He performed in the midst of the chaos.

Through Much Tribulation is a story of God’s sustaining hand despite Satan’s attempts to inflict pain and suffering on the human race. Much like Job, Gerhard and his family lost all of their earthly possessions and went through great trials and tribulations, yet they learned to rejoice and thank God for His many blessings, both big and small.


About the Author

Gerhard Stuewe retired in 2000 from 30 years of zoo work. He developed a passion for animals and the natural world at an early age. He hopes that his family's story will help others see that God is with us in the good and bad times and that He shields and leads His children even in the worst of life’s situations.



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