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Tiger of Bitter Valley / Youngberg, Norma R / Paperback / LSI

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A boy comes of age in this gripping tale of good vs. evil. Rimau, "Menga-Rajah-Segala-Harimau—Great Ruler of all Tigers," the young son of Chief Feermin, is the central character. He is faced with a compelling set of circumstances which includes firsthand knowledge of Gadoh's revenge. "Koosta, Koosta" (leprosy), and a curse cast upon the young Rimau by the witch doctor. These are only some of the many obstacles facing our young hero. As the story unfolds, Rimau's special relationship with tigers is explored. Possessing the "magic of the tigers" in his blood is Rimau's secret weapon.

About the Author

During her adventurous life, Norma Youngberg was a prolific writer and creative writing teacher. Her classic books such as Queen's Gold, Jungle Thorn, Tiger of Bitter Valley, Singer on the Sand, Headhunter Hostage, and many others reveal the power of the gospel among primitive jungle peoples, and are favorites still today. Norma was born in Iowa and grew up in South Dakota. She came from a family of teachers, missionaries, and writers. Norma and husband Gustavus spent 20 years in the mission field, raised a family of six, and pioneered work among headhunters on the Tatau River of Sarawak.


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