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Uprisings / Cooperative Whole Grain Educational Association

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Product Description

Welcome to Uprisings, a uniquely enjoyable baking book with these outstanding features:

  • A hand-illustrated recipes section that reads like a tour of 18 colorful bakeries—all whole grain and all collectively run.
  • Easy directions for almost 200 home-size recipes, including luscious treats like Date Bars and Pecan Sandies, delicious hearty staples like Anadama and Peasant Breads, plus plenty of cakes, rolls, muffins, cookies, granolas, and more.
  • An introductory section affirming the values of whole grains and cooperative work, and how they affect our health, our lives, and the world around us.
  • A helpful guide to foods used in whole grain baking with a common sense approach to nutrition, as well as comprehensive directions for all types of baking.
  • An extensive index that includes listing by type of baked good, by special dietary characteristic (eggless, dairyless, etc.), and by major ingredients.
  • Uprisings has been collectively compiled by member bakers of the Cooperative Whole Grain Educational Association, a non-profit organization.

Table of Contents

Introduction—What's In Uprisings?
Whole Grains—It's living
Cooperation—It's Working
Bread and Nutrition
Organics—An Important Source
Foods for Whole Grain Baking
How to Bake
The Bakeries
Alvarado Street Bakery
Amazing Grains Bakery
Blue Heron Bakery
Grain Dance Bakery
Grain Train Bakery
Nature's Bakery
On the Rise Bakery
Open Harvest Bakery
People's Company
Positiviely Third Street Bakery
Solstice Bakery
Summercorn Bakery
Touchtstone Bakery
Uprisings Bread Bakery
Uprisings Baking Collective
Wildflour Bakery
Women's Community Bakery
Yeast West Bakery
Starting a Bakery

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