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God Will Work It Out / Arnett, Don & Janet / Paperback / LSI

945-6850 L


Get ready to dive into a good old-fashioned missionary story! Reminiscent of the mission stories of Josephine Cunnington Edwards and Eric B. Hare, the Arnetts will take you with them as they go to Zimbabwe, Africa for several years of mission service. You'll sympathize with them when they are robbed soon after arrival, and then have to wait—and wait—for their belongings to catch up to them. You'll rejoice at the baptisms they witness, and weep at the deaths of the ones they've come to love. Fasten your seat belt and ride along as they go on vacation to the neighboring countries of Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, and Zambia. Feel the excitement of seeing lions, elephants, leopards, wildebeests, giraffes, and other wild animals up close. Visualize the breath-taking beauty of Victoria Falls, the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro, and relax in the peacefulness of Malawi Lake. Endure with them the ups and downs of learning a new culture, attempting to learn a new language, dealing with thieving domestics, learning to ration water during a drought, and sampling new foods that shock their taste buds. Most of all, you will reinforce your faith in God as you see how He cared for His workers when they were far from home.



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