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Truth Behind the Lord's Day, The / Prestol, Pedro M / LSI

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Saturday or Sunday. Which day is the true Sabbath, the day that God set aside at Creation to worship Him? Does it matter which day we worship on? Does God require us to worship on a certain day, or is He content that we are simply worshiping Him?

Many Christians have questions regarding the Lord's Day, and fortunately, the Bible has the answers. The Truth Behind the Lord's Day puts aside the opinions of man and turns to the Bible for guidance on this important subject. The book presents a thorough Bible study about the Sabbath, looking at the Old and New Testaments to discover its origin and its place in history before and after Jesus' death.

In addition to examining the Bible, the book presents a historical overview of the early Christian church and hte practices of the apostles regarding Sabbath observance. In-depth information about the history of Saturday and Sunday worship guides readers toward a clearer understanding of the biblical Sabbath, which was designed by God for mankind.

Join Pedro Prestol on this exciting theological journey through the Bible and early church history. Discover for yourself the truth Sabbath according to the Bible and God's call for all Christians to worship Him on His appointed day.

Some of the topics addressed in the book, include:

  • Why do most Christians worship on Sunday?
  • The Ceremonial and Moral laws: Two Different Laws
  • The Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuaries
  • The Apostles and the Sabbath day
  • Did Jesus Nail the Ten Commandments to the Cross?
  • How Do I Keep the Sabbath Holy?
  • What about Early Christian Writings?
  • First Sunday Law
  • Rome’s Challenge to Protestants
  • The Little Horn and the Beast
  • Sabbath to Sunday Change
  • The Claimed Authority of the Roman Church
  • The Latter Sunday Law

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